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If you have Asthma it's is in your lungs whether you feel it or not.

So even if there aren't any Asthma symptoms, you still have inflammation in your lungs.

It is important to realize that it's only due to early intervention and education that provides asthmatic patients with the best opportunity for long term management and possibly even eradication of this chronic disease. 

THE ASTHMA CENTER was founded on the belief that by providing families of asthmatic pediatric patients with a cost effective approach to the management of this chronic disease that we could be instrumental in controlling and managing the progression of asthma in our region. 

It's time to get the treatment and education needed at the only comprehensive diagnostic treatment and asthma education program in the region.

Specifically designed for asthmatic children between the ages of 4 through 18 our goal at THE ASTHMA CENTER is to work with our patients and their primary care physicians in providing asthma treatment, management and education.

Understanding your child's asthma will help lead to better control because asthma is one of the most treatable of all chronic illnesses. 

THE ASTHMA CENTER program provides for intensive consultation with the primary care provider’s management of the their asthmatic patient.

Asthma medications are important in both the treatment of asthma and the prevention of its symptoms. Please refer to this section on our website to see informative videos on proper way to use inhalers and nebulizers.  If you have any other questions please refer to your action plan or call the office at 912-354-6190.

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"Working with primary care physicians - getting a jump with early intervention - making sure we're educating and developing an asthma action plan - all of these steps leads to potentially life changing opportunities with our asthmatic pediatric patients."​​


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Asthma is a chronic disorder and can possibly affect up to  10% of the population.  These asthma tests are a great way to help your child's healthcare providers in determining if your child's asthma symptoms are well controlled. 

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