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Participation in THE ASTHMA CENTER requires a referral from a primary care physician.



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Uncontrolled asthma can result in emergency department visits and life-threatening situations.

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THE ASTHMA CENTER at Coastal Allergy & Asthma offers the only comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and asthma education program in the region. Specifically designed for children between the ages of 4 through 18, the program provides an intensive consultation for children with asthma that will partner with their primary care provider on the asthma management of the pediatric patient.

Early intervention and education provides asthmatic patients with the best opportunity for long term management and possibly even eradication of the disease. The Asthma Center provides a cost effective, value and outcome based approach to giving pediatric patients this potentially life changing opportunity.

The professional staff at the Asthma Center includes physicians and physician’s assistant, professional nurses trained in asthma management, a certified respiratory therapist and asthma education specialist, and two certified clinical research coordinators. Patients participating in the Asthma Center program will have access to state of the art diagnostic and treatment services, and will be given the comprehensive education they need to manage both the acute and chronic aspects of the disease. In addition, patients may be given the opportunity to try new, cutting edge medication and therapies through one of the most active clinical trial practices in the state of Georgia.