We want to help you take control of your child’s asthma.

THE ASTHMA CENTER program includes a series of visits over a four to six month period, during which the following services will be provided:

  • Extended visit with physicians to review patient history, assess lung functions, and evaluate severity of the disease and needs of the patient;​

  • Identification of triggers (e.g. environmental, food, exercise, illness)

  • Series of visits with certified asthma specialists for comprehensive education, including instruction on management of acute and chronic aspects of the disease, trigger avoidance, appropriate use of medications and delivery devices;

  • Simplified explanation of pathophysiology, use of peak flows in understanding and managing asthma, and controlling symptoms of the disease; Identification of lung functions (formal lung functions, spirometry, impulse oscillometry)

  • Measurement of airway inflammation via exhaled nitric oxide testing;

  • Implementation of additional management recommendations, including diet modification, behavioral management and long term strategies for minimizing disease complications and maximizing quality of life;

  • Creation of an easy to follow asthma action plan and referring physician summary, including detailed assessment of patient’s triggers, peak flows, medication recommendations for chronic and acute disease management, instructions for home management, and possible clinical trial opportunities.

  • Optional continued long term management of patient if desired by referring physician.

Participation in THE ASTHMA CENTER requires a referral from a primary care physician.

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